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What Leads to E-commerce Experiences Being Poor?

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Digital progression is the need of the time. Companies that lack digital presence are wiped from the industry, only to remain in the hearts of those who were loyal to them.

Today’s world demands businesses to run at the pace of a cheetah; quickly and vigilantly.

With the emergence of e-commerce, companies are now shifting their online platforms to incorporate shopping experiences for their customers that demand convenience. E-commerce, as a matter of fact, is not an easy option to opt for; especially when your platform isn’t meant for the same. It requires a complete remodel of the digital set-up, making it a costly and intricate choice. However; when the world’s moving towards a particular trend, taking the same trail becomes a norm.

As a result, several companies have been recorded to shift towards e-commerce marketing in the past decade.

How successful have they been?Not much.

There are several reasons why companies with e-commerce platforms have failed badly in their markets. The first reason being, CHANGING TRENDS. The digital world is moving so fast that a lot of companies often do not get a chance to keep up with it. Trends keep coming and fading while leaving the slow-movers wondering of the next step they should take to remain a part of the warfare.

Desktop e-commerce was the first trend that was seen taking over the digital arena, which was later superseded by mobile-first technology, which was then taken over by big data. Personalization crept in soon after thatand the trends have kept changing ever since. Hence, companies face a constant challenge to keep themselves updated for the sake of sustaining themselves in the face of competition.

Another reason for poor e-commerce occurrencesis the INCONSISTENT EXPERIENCE that a lot of e-commerce platforms provide. Companies that run an e-commerce platform must be aware of how these platforms function. There are separate stages that consumers are made to go through, to making a purchase online; the last stage being payment. Often, everything’s sunny till the last phase when consumers are asked to make the payment.

After thoroughly studying several e-commerce sites, it has been noticed that the brand experience drops as the customers reach the payment stage, which leads them to leave the site without making a purchase.

This inconsistency in the experience delivered to the customers proves to be a major hurdle in making the e-commerce site a hit.

Also, e-commerce sites are often separate from the brand sites which leaves them to be slower and heavier. The difference arises as a result of two different technologies supporting distinct sites. Hence, as the consumer moves to the e-commerce site, their perception of the brand might entirely change.

Considering all these issues that e-commerce based businesses are or might face in the future, companies need to be strict with respect to the strategies they form for e-commerce marketing.

With proper planning and interactions between departments, a business can easily overcome the issues while coming up with a platform that their customers love topurchase from.

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