Project Overview

Bombay Bakers has been in operations since 1970s, serving freshly baked and nicely decorated bakery items to its satisfied customers. The business is known for its nimco products and now has been selling customized cakes that are as beautiful as heaven on a plate. Bombay Bakers, approached BRANDians for obtaining our social media marketing service. The owner of the business wanted masses to know of the brand and the beauty it sells. Hence, the task was outsourced to our team on a contract.

Assistance Provided

The owner had his priorities set straight. He wanted social media marketing to create the brand’s awareness and nothing else. Hence, the team decided to use the most beautiful item on its menu to attract customers. In their case, cakes qualified for the same. Hence, pictures of their customized cakes were obtained from the client and posts were designed for their Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Client Feedback

The designing was done in the most elegant manner, leaving no reason for the client to hate it. The client, as a matter of fact, was pretty happy with the designs. He loved the work provided to him and is willing to get more of it done through our team.

Love From Clients